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Use Case:
Streamline Development


DNB wished to streamline its application release cycle and resolve a bottleneck issue caused by time restrictions imposed on testing involving their back-office IT systems. It was resolved to do this through an outsourcing deal and thus a comprehensive process was required to support this.

They also had a strict legal requirement to avoid connectivity to their production and test systems and eliminate any possibility of data leakage to their recently signed offshore outsourcing partner.


Ostia delivered a solution which:

  • Provided a stable testing environment using commodity hardware and software

  • Avoided any requirement to access production and test systems directly

  • Ensured testing could be completed in an isolated, sandbox environment without any time constraints


DNB improved their application release cycle, and the testing bottleneck was removed.


By avoiding the requirement to connect external parties to production and test environments, the risk of data leakage was eliminated.

49 Days

Delivery Time




Data Leakage

Screenshot 2022-10-30 at 15.39.50.png
"A great result that both streamlined our development process and fully satisfied data regulatory requirements."

Product Lead, DNB Bank

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