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Use Case:
Regulatory Requirements


KBC Ireland faced a tight deadline to meet a regulatory requirement under PSD2 to offer an API testing environment to third-party service providers. KBC approached Ostia to provide a customised solution that complied with the PSD2 requirements within the set timeframe.


Ostia delivered the required API Sandbox testing environment within 7-weeks.

The Sandbox delivered included:

  • An exact simulation of the Bank’s production APIs 

  • 1,000 test accounts each complete with 3 months of transaction data for testing

  • It fully passed the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) Security and Conformance Tests

  • At 5% of the cost of the next viable alternative solution


KBC complied with its PSD2 regulatory requirements and fulfilled all its obligations within the deadline. KBC’s API Sandbox offered an effective user-experience for third-party service providers.


The Sandbox was also designed to be easily extended to support additional Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) APIs or custom APIs created by the Bank.

35 Days

Delivery Time

Exact Replica

API Sandbox

Fully Compliant


Screenshot 2022-10-30 at 15.39.44.png
"Ostia helped us to meet our PSD2 requirements and tailor our onboarding process in a matter of weeks. Highly recommend."

Kerry-anne Pollock, Programme Director, KBC Bank

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