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Free Access: No Code API Ecosystem - Industry Report

Over the past 3-years, I have noticed my vocabulary changing. On a daily basis, I find myself and my team discussing the finer points of “UX” and “User-Journeys” as opposed to “C++” and “User-Logs”.  

After almost 40-years as a software engineer, and 20+ years focusing on API ecosystem design, it is (still) exciting for me to see the ubiquity of API use in our modern, digitally-driven, world.

The challenges we face in API Ecosystem design are no longer purely of a technical nature. Many of the challenges and opportunities lie very much in the business space; and it is now widely understood that many old business practices, processes and strategies must evolve or risk decline into irrelevancy.

It is clear to me from both observing the marketplace and from our own experience within Ostia that business strategy must drive technology. Though while virtually every company (99%) runs on APIs, very few have turned them into a strategic lever.

Effectively defining and implementing your strategy is key to the growth of both your API Ecosystem and your revenue.

I hope you enjoy reading this Report as much as we enjoyed writing it. - John Power, CEO, Ostia

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