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How Can Ostia Help You?

APIs are a key channel to doing business in a digitally transformed world. They allow the quick and secure flow of information between software, businesses, and end-users.

Once viewed as simply a technical requirement, APIs now represent a key part of business strategy. Effective API design and deployment can drive greater access to market, increase partner and end-user engagement, and create competitive advantage. 

Ostia helps businesses realise API-related business goals. 

API Sandbox-as-a-Service

Our API Sandbox-as-a-Service can simulate any proposed or existing environment, including the operation of complex and highly controlled back-office and downstream services. 

This ability to exactly replicate any environment and data sets, makes it possible to streamline software development and deployment, and greatly reduce project complexity and cost.

Whether you are looking to refine development and deployment processes, meet regulatory requirements, or improve partner or user experience our API Sandbox-as-a-Service can help you meet your business goals.

Improved access, agility and automation are at the core of our API Sandbox-as-a-Service and are a key part in the delivery of every API project.

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EARLY: Ensuring end-user and back-office participation early in the development process is vital to achieving optimum results. (Or indeed, to failing fast.)

EASY: Providing all stakeholders with easy access to the test environment removes bottlenecks that can delay and complicate development.

CONTROLLED: Using isolated virtual environments utilising synthetic data eliminates operational and regulatory risks.

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DESIGN: Enjoy the ability to exactly simulate any environment, from the oldest mainframe system to the most modern operating system.

EXPERIENCE: Easily create many tailored instances of the environment to facilitate a better user experience throughout development, deployment, training, and support.

INNOVATION: Enjoy the freedom to experiment and innovate in a managed, safe, flexible environment. Enable creativity without consequence.

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SCALE: Automated testing and validation is essential to the delivery of quality applications at scale and removes un-necessary and ineffective manual effort.

QUALITY: Incorporating error processing logic allows advanced negative testing and offers better quality results (not possible with Service Virtualisation).

SHIFT LEFT: Early and continuous testing enables the discovery of bugs and errors that if left undiscovered (until later) adds complexity, delays, and cost.

"We were looking for a best in class API Sandbox experience for onboarding our partners. We found it with Ostia."
Sowmya Lakka, Senior Vice President, Mastercard

Meet Your Business Goals

Our API Sandbox-as-a-Service 

facilitates the effective, on-time and within budget delivery of any API-related project.

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